cover Lady2.BMP.jpgGoing down east?   Relatives from Germany?

Interested in Canadian history?


A LADY OF LUNENBURG explores the daily life and times of the early Protestant settlers of Nova Scotia through the eyes of Anna Elisabeth Balsor. Elisabeth is a real person with a real history and nine generations of descendents still living in Nova Scotia.

Share her story in this well researched novel of questing courage and determination.

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Carousel cover.jpgInterested in travel? …Like exploring other countries?

Need a good bedside read?


LIFE ON A CAROUSEL is a collection of essays and tales by an inside observer of a life spent wandering the globe in the service of the Canadian people. It is unique and thoughtful, humourous, insightful and honest.

Share the journeys and adventures of an observant and slightly cynical forty year veteran of the Canadian Foreign Service.

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